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We Can Help at Integrative Chiropractic

Family walking in grassThere is a myriad of different conditions that can be helped at Integrative Chiropractic. By offering so many solutions under one roof, we’re able to provide the personalized treatment you require to regain your health. There are many issues we commonly treat, such as

Back pain. Discomfort in the back can have several different causes. We’ll take a comprehensive look to give you a specific diagnosis and locate the source of your problem.

Neck and shoulder pain. If you’ve had a sudden tissue tear or are feeling badly from the effects of poor posture or other habits, we’ll evaluate your case and make our best recommendations.

Herniated disc. If you have a disc that is herniated or bulging, our chiropractors are well-versed in adjustments that will realign your vertebrae.

Sciatica. Pressure on the sciatic nerve root can result in symptoms such as pain or tingling in the low back, buttocks, groin and leg. We’ll help by relieving that pressure.

Sports injuries. Your musculoskeletal system is subject to many types of injury, whether acute or repetitive. We’ll assist in your recovery so that you can return to your sport.

Are you wondering if we can help you? Contact our Morrisville team today to find out!



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